I heart Zenon

A T-shirt I would likely wear. Proudly.

Do you all know about Zenon Dance Company and school? Yes? Well, I will reiterate their fabulousness just in case you forgot.

Although there may be more dance companies in the Twin Cities that are known not only for their artistic innovation and community outreach but also for their dance school open to any and all of whatever previous dance experience, I know them not. I am, therefore, here to sing the praises of Zenon. Tra-la!

If you live in the area and have not experienced them in any way, classes or performances, I highly recommend partaking. And, if you are like me, and find exercising for exercising sake to be at least boring and at most completely dreadful, then you might find moving your body in an artful, kick-ass way to be just the thing! Works your mind, as well, I might add, since dance is not like walking or jogging; you must think harder than left, right, left, right, left….

As my 6-year-old nephew told me last night, "There are many ways to go: over, under, around and through." If you dare to dance, you will find how many variations on over, under, around and through there really are. And, in those variations you may find your creativity, your joy and your strength.

Be inspired. Dance.


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